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In conjunction with a new product launch, Japanese beauty brand MENARD engaged in a full-scale campaign which saw its first time collaboration with Mannings, one of the largest chained health & beauty stores in Hong Kong. Renowned for its spa essence Beauness, the launch of Collagen Gold created new opportunities for the brand to engage with its customers and potential customers.

The campaign based itself on the key message of “Beauty revival in 20 days”, focusing on the product’s attributes as a beauty drink. From engaging in new sales channels to using different media, a through-the line approach was adopted, broadcasting the campaign through in-bus advertising, print ads, outdoor media and in-store promotions. We also created a new sales channel for the product through Mannings, which held the exclusive distribution rights to the product and sold across all Hong Kong stores.

The campaign extended digitally, from presence on social media platforms to youtube. QR codes were also placed on print medium to allow customers to find out more about the product and the campaign away from the point of sale.