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To launch an integrated campaign for the latest Critical Illness (CI) insurance products that target the mass affluent market, pre-retirees and parents or grandparents who may be interested in acquiring a CI coverage for their kids or grandkids as a gift.
The campaign serves as both a call-to-action and education programmes that help Manulife to differentiate its product from other competitors’. Three key product benefits (Wellness Programme, Disease Management, Multiple Cover-me-again option) needed to be conveyed clearly through the campaign as product USPs.

Taking a different approach from most in the industry, we re-positioned the product and the emphasis of the campaign to a forward-thinking approach – PREVENTION and PROMPT TREATMENT (「預防勝於治療」及「病向淺中醫」). We aspired to build and educate our target audience on these concepts through an integrated marketing medium, which would then encourage them to seek further professional advice from our agents.

Our key message of ‘VITA LIFE- 活得精彩’ – ’Live a healthier Life, Worry Less’ was well illustrated by our group of young and energetic models as they jumped happily off the ground in green nature.

Besides riding on the call-to-action traditional medium (OHH, Print), we have created a brand-new content-driven online platform (mircosite), which serves to promote and elaborate products features. Such a media is beneficial to business as our research reveals that our targets have shown a recent tendency to research for products themselves.

We have also created a short ‘motion-graphic’ video clip to publicise the VITA concept, which helps time-poor Hong Kongers to digest our messages efficiently over a shorter period of time. This video clip is now on live on the landing page of our mircosite and our YouTube channels.

We used ‘VITA’ as the name and the campaign identity, and we brought this identity and the campaign creative to life through:
– OHH (bus body)
– Prints (newspaper, weekly magazine)
– Online Education Video (mircosite, YouTube channel)
– Digital (banner ads)
– Mircosite (blog content, interview video content, text content)
– Social Media (Facebook group)
– Sales Materials

– Double-digit growth in product sales two weeks after launch