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Manulife Financial Manulife Financial

Manulife Financial

As one of the world’s leading financial and insurance services provider, Manulife Hong Kong entrusted Cre8PLUS with the task of developing a marketing campaign that would penetrate the post-80s market. The overall key message that we came up with became ‘80.80看世界’ whereby the target audience of the post-80s were encouraged to envisage their own 80-year-old selves, which would consequently lead them to planning ahead for the future, with Manulife. The campaign involved content and video production on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, with the former garnering over 25,000 likes (and counting) and acting as a cross-marketing tool for the brand’s above-the-line advertising channels. We also created two short documentary videos featuring a prominent Hong Kong singer and songwriter paired with a pianist; DJ and a voice actor, showing conversations about their life goals and plans between the 1980s and people nearing 80 years old with an aim to help young people in Hong Kong to understand the importance of early retirement planning.

《音樂、夢想、人生》林二汶 x 羅乃新 – 宏利贊助

《聲演人生》「叮噹」x DJ西瓜 – 宏利贊助