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CUPAL Beauty CUPAL Beauty CUPAL Beauty

CUPAL Beauty

To go hand-in-hand with the launch of CUPAL Beauty’s newest skincare supplement series was a strategic above-the-line advertising campaign helmed by Cre8PLUS. To build awareness and educate the community of the new product line, the campaign took the form of traditional and digital advertising, from TVC, online videos, to print and out-of-home displays. We liaised with a local celebrity to take part as the spokesperson of CUPAL Beauty for the video production of the TVC. We also revamped the existing Facebook page and created a content plan, which included mini games to provoke excitement and buzz from the community over the new product.

CUPAL Beauty 全效淨痘飲 煩惱篇

CUPAL Beauty 全效淨痘飲 外敷篇

CUPAL Beauty 全效淨痘飲 防禦篇

CUPAL Beauty 全效淨痘飲 壓力篇

CUPAL Beauty 全效淨痘飲 TVC 幕後花絮