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Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited

Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited

Tailor-made for Blue Cross, the industry’s leading insurance company of the world, is a comprehensive digital marketing campaign by Cre8PLUS. We coined the campaign as ‘BElive Yourself’, to encourage the millennial generation to be brave, be themselves, and to chase their dreams. The overall objective was to educate on life planning, sooner rather than later. Strategy involved the creation, production, and execution of social media, events, and a series of documentary videos liaised with Hong Kong celebrities. The on-going BElive Yourself Facebook page with over 8,000 likes was launched to grow an online community as well as to provide an uplifting outlet for those who wished to release from the fast-paced and seemingly frustrating city life. We also collaborated with the Academy of Fencing to provide an all-inclusive six-month fencing course sponsored by Blue Cross for teenagers from the non-profit organisation, KELY Support Group, to inspire a life lived to the fullest, whilst being prepared.

「BElive Yourself活出真我」黎耀祥 x 張小倫.獨家微電影《劍述人生》(藍十字呈獻)

「BElive Yourself活出真我」黎耀祥 x 張小倫.獨家微電影《戲劇人生》(藍十字呈獻)