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Press Release Cre8PLUS Rings in 2015 with Mercury Award for Being Socially Innovative

  • By Cre8plus

Hong Kong, (24 February 2015) – Ask yourself, what does it take to woo fans for a niche sport that already has followers by the millions? Recognised for its efforts in all facets of a creative agency, Cre8PLUS does just that and rings in the New Year with honours in Social Media at the Mercury Awards for their ‘UFC Fight Night Macao’ digital marketing campaign. Yet again, several years of accolades are a testament to the agency’s well-versed nature in unrivalled innovation and constant drive for quality.

Presented by world-renowned MerComm, Inc., the world’s only independent awards organisation that recognises excellence within the Xield of communications, the Mercury Awards is an international awards competition that symbolises the spirit of the message communicated and highlights the efforts of creative professionals in the categories of: Advertising, Annual Reports, Brochures, Campaigns, Custom Publications, Design, DVDs, Emerging Media, Employee Publications, Magazines, Publicity, Special Events, Special Projects, Websites and Writing.

Tackling the digital marketing campaign for the reputable world-renowned organisation of UFC Asia was a real feat for Cre8PLUS, and the team’s inherent knowledge of the Xight was no coincidence to the success of the main bout. Through the use of Facebook, the task at hand was to build momentum and drive ticket sales for the much-anticipated UFC Fight Night Macao to take place on 23 August 2014 between middleweight Xighters Michael Bisping and Cung Le. Tapping into the Asian market has been no easy task for the UFC: the Xirst UFC Asia Xight didn’t take place in Macao until March 2014, despite the organisation’s establishment in 1993. As rather new markets, the main challenge leading up to the second Macao Xight in August was to convert relatively interested fans into hardcore fans that will jab at ticket sales. With an engaging content plan in place, interactive contest incentives, and a voice that resonated with UFC enthusiasts, the creative agency was able to capture the spirit of the sport weeks before the event to build momentum, and during the event for on-site live feeds. Continuous strive for quality work were met with sky-rocketing sold-out tickets at The Venetian Macao and an increase in Facebook fans by leaps and bounds in only two-and-a-half-month’s time, all whilst deepening the loyalty of new fans from the wide demographics of Asia.

Similarly to commendations received by Cre8PLUS in the past few years for its work in marketing, branding, and editorial, the recent accolade is the result of devoted teamwork, comprehensive content generation, impromptu decision-making, dedicated communication with both the client and UFC fans, and a dive into the experience at hand. With digital marketing as its core strength, Cre8PLUS never ceases to deliver quality work while staying true to the clients’ needs and expectations, and will continue its efforts in innovation by staying ahead of the game in social media content generation.



Ten New Waves

  • By Cre8plus

There is Chinese idiom that goes “the waves behind drive on those before”, and it applies to many aspects in life, be it fashion, technology, marketing trends or socio-political scenes – it is just a matter of time before the transformation materialises itself. Looking back at some of my last year’s ‘predictions’ for 2014 (see here) I’m quite surprised that ‘camping’ is really ‘in’ this year in Hong Kong. Change is always inevitable, here’s a quick look at our 2015:

  1. #digital# Big data and health-driven wearable gears are now ready to take themselves to a new height in 2015 once Apple launches its iWatch, not surprisingly. Yet, you will also see more tech companies launching health-driven gears for social goods.
  2. #social media# Getting a bit sick of advertising-driven platforms such as your favourite Facebook and YouTube? You will see more ad-free social network platforms emerging for public goods. Here is one for you: Ello
  3. #marketing# Whether you are listed companies in Hong Kong that are required to fulfil some CSR initiates and asked to compile the ESG report, or some corporations that are actually willing to give back to society through CSR campaigns, make CSR marketing a key marketing component in your calendar in 2015. Be socially responsible while you are making profits.
  4. #community# A total of 457 (and counting) social enterprises have been established in Hong Kong by year 2013. More entrepreneurs are likely eager to generate income though business operation and reinvest the profit to support their ultimate social mission in 2015.
  5. #fashion# Shopping the next style, fabric or colour trend for your wardrobe? Why not make a commitment to buy nothing ‘new’ and shift your fashion budget to upcycled fashion instead? More fashion designers are now injecting socially responsible yet fashionable concept into their next collections. It’s sustainable, innovative, yet cost-effective.
  6. #food# The film Interstellar forecasts that shortage of food, instead of energy, will become the source of a critical crisis. You shall see more businesses and residential buildings creating their own urban rooftop farms to grow organic and tasty produces locally. See more about farms in the sky here.
  7. #commune# From the US’ premium electric vehicle (EV) Tesla, the German BMW i3 (or the i8, if you like) that garners a long waiting list, the always cost-effective Japanese Toyota RAV4 EV, to the China-made BYD Taxi, you shall see the EV trend taking over the gas guzzlers in 2015. Carbon reduction is hopefully achievable through this transformation.
  8. #sport# Have you voted for the naming of the two Rio 2016 mascots? If you are planning for your next gap year or looking for a better reason to travel to the other side of the world, consider becoming the next Olympic Games’ volunteer here.
  9. #invest# Raising start-up capital for your million-dollar (or billion-dollar) ideas is easier than ever with these crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. All you need to do is upload the idea, prototype image, or mock-up that you want to sell to the consuming public and pledge your fund. Some of China’s versions of these crowdfunding platforms should be on their way to the market soon according to the country’s love of imitation, as we have seen from the eBay root in Taobao.
  10. #gadget# Last year I forecasted bike would be out while camping would be in. This year, my guess is that portable bike will be a big hit in 2015 and 2016 – a bike that you can carry onto metro or even hand-carry along with your air travel. You will see what I mean in the third quarter of 2015. Wait and see some really cool innovative portable bikes riding in your city.



Press Release GEOX Amphibiox Presents ‘You Control the Weather’

  • By Cre8plus

Just two years ago, GEOX’s campaign in proving the extreme qualities of its waterproof line Amphibiox became a blockbuster hit at the Cannes Film Festival; last year, worldwide recognition once again gravitated towards the brand’s digital campaign, where adverse conditions were reproduced for a test that featured a week of non-stop rain and constant humidity. And the outpour of accolades is likely to repeat itself again this year, with ‘GEOX Amphibiox Presents ‘You Control the Weather’’, a four-day interactive marketing event spanning from 3 October to 6 October 2014 at ifc mall, the iconic world-class shopping mall in Hong Kong, frequented by the city’s upper-middle class.

Lauded as the new generation of waterproof technology, GEOX’s Amphibiox collection features an all-around breathability through the patented GEOX sole and membrane in the upper sole to ensure constant ventilation, therefore not only keeping the feet dry, but also creating an ideal microclimate for the feet. Orchestrated this year to celebrate the signature collection that epitomises the core DNA of the brand – technology offering 100% waterproof protection and breathability – GEOX Amphibiox Presents ‘You Control the Weather’ was designed as a marketing initiative that engages customers with brand and product, via a Kinect motion interactive game.


Harnessing the solution-driven marketing savvy of Cre8PLUS, the campaign enabled members of the public the visual experience of three different types of weather (snow, rain and sun) in the live-feeding video, broadcast on a TV wall at the Atrium of ifc mall, with the weather types changeable and controlled at the swipe of the hand. Participants’ interaction, meanwhile, was caught on the camera installed on the TV wall, which gave participants the opportunity to upload their photos immediately onto their social media platforms of preference, therefore driving digital footprint and building a local social media community for GEOX and ifc mall. And by inviting participants to hashtag their photos with #geoxhk and #controltheweatherhk, show the post at GEOX’s store at ifc mall by 6 October 2014 to get a special markdown for each pair of GEOX shoes purchased, the campaign has not only doubled the fun for members of the public, but it has also transformed members of the public into actual retail sales. Further enriching product experience at the GEOX Amphibiox Presents ‘You Control the Weather’ was a three-dimensional product showcase that presented the latest FW14 Amphibiox Collection, and the airing of three videos of the Amphibiox excelling in snowy, rainy and sunny weather, developed by the GEOX headquarters.

An interactive marketing initiative that harnesses cutting-edge technology and combines public participation and product showcase, GEOX Amphibiox Presents ‘You Control the Weather’ has successfully converted participants at the Kinect motion interactive game into actual retail sales at the GEOX store at ifc mall, while extending the brand’s previous ground-breaking campaigns for its signature collection.



Double A Experiential Truck Campaign: Round-Hong Kong Product Education

  • By Cre8plus

Hong Kong, (05/08/2014) – This summer, renowned global paper and office stationery brand Double A replaced conventional marketing techniques with fun, engaging initiatives for product education – an experiential truck campaign for its high-quality, reasonably priced, and eco-friendly toner, which offers the quintessentially Double A ‘no jam no stress’ user experience when used together with Double A copy paper.

With sustainable production, superior quality, and smart marketing at the heart of its brand values, Double A Hong Kong has entrusted Cre8PLUS, a Hong Kong-based marketing and branding agency, with the awareness-raising promotion campaign for its premium toner to end-users and potential buyers in Hong Kong’s office districts.

Based on the mutual agreement upon a one-of-a-kind, street-level promotion campaign of public engagement, the creative minds at Cre8PLUS put forward the idea of an in-truck product experience, with end-users and potential buyers being the target audience. Stopping for two daily two-hour sessions in various office districts in Hong Kong, the truck, with its interior designed with educational materials of the toner, taps into the curiosity of office administration staff, managers and potential buyers with the simulated ‘check-in booth’ placed at the backdoor of the truck, where promotional staff donning uniform of inflight attendant encouraged passersby to experience Double A Toner’s quality first-hand, by boarding the truck with a ‘passport holder’ (which is really a photo jacket) and a ‘boarding pass’ (which is really a lucky draw ticket), after having their photos taken. Whilst inside the truck, participants were asked to answer questions about Double A Toner’s advantages to win a free cup of ice cream, and fill in personal information on the ‘boarding pass’ to enter the lucky draw with a summer vacation giveaway. With the experiential truck designed especially for customer education, participants were able to see on-site the premium printing quality and stress-free experience enabled by the combo of Double A copy paper and toner, when their photos were printed with the two Double A products.

Featuring an airport setting throughout its interior and exterior, the experiential truck not only succeeded in fulfilling its customer education purpose – enabling participants’ first-hand knowledge of Double A Toner’s premium printing experience through the real-time printing of photos – but it also blazed a new trail for marketing initiatives, by combining product promotion and customer takeaway – photo opportunity and entry to a lucky draw to stand to win a summer vacation giveaway. Also lauded as a success is the high daily participation rate of end-users and potential buyers, which can be credited to the strategic planning of campaign locations: major business districts in Hong Kong that are hotspots for SMEs.

The conclusion of Double A’s experiential truck campaign heralds yet another milestone for Cre8PLUS’ result-driven marketing solutions. Contact Cre8PLUS on +852 3975 1488 if you would like a marketing campaign that generates new sales while leaving an indelible impression.




From Public Transit to Store

  • By Cre8plus

Italian premium footwear brand GEOX joins hands with Cre8PLUS to turn curiosity into actual sales by harnessing what’s trending: selfie and Instagram.

Few would be strangers to the GEOX techmotional philosophy: the emotion of technology applied to making walking better, innovation in movement, and breathable technology for clothing and footwear. It goes beyond saying that the Italian brand places premium on harnessing innovation to enhance quality of life. And this summer, GEOX does it again.

Kicking off summer this year was GEOX’s Spring/Summer 14 capsule collection designed by Canadian-born British designer Patrick Cox – a masterful merge of fashion with functionality, and Italian quality with contemporary style. Called ‘POP TROPICAL!’, the collection combines the best of both worlds: Cox’ cutting-edge style and GEOX’s unparalleled offering of comfortable footwear. With the footwear brand’s classical styles revamped with technicolour treatment and the use of contrasting and unusual textures and materials, GEOX deemed only a one-of-a-kind product launch would be fitting. The result was GEOX’s utilisation of JCDecaux’s ambient showcase, inside the MTR Mong Kok Station, to showcase the Patrick Cox collection inside the ‘TV’, which is embedded with a touch function that allows users to access product description via the touchscreen – an ingenious, out-of-store way to solicit potential customers’ interest in GEOX’s new collection.

But the ambient showcase was by no means the only idea GEOX had in mind in engaging in-transit passengers at the Mong Kok Station. Through its partnership with Cre8PLUS, a Hong Kong-based advertising, marketing and branding agency, GEOX was able to add to its product launch campaign a 3D street art that resembles an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, alongside images of GEOX’s latest footwear collection. Placed underneath the ambient showcase, the 3D street art was designed to pique the curiosity of passers-by to stand atop the ‘oasis’, with the new footwear collection right by their feet and visible in the ‘TV’ nearby.

It is with this 3D street art conceptualised and designed by Cre8PLUS that GEOX launched an Instagram campaign, ‘Love Selfie, Instagram GEOX’, to complement the product launch as well as the brand’s official Instagram account. The rationale behind? The universal popularity of selfie-taking and the ever-growing online community called Instagram. By inviting in-transit passengers at the Mong Kok Station to take a selfie with the 3D street art, and hashtag the selfie with GEOX’s official Instagram account to get a special markdown for every pair of shoes purchased at its stores, GEOX has successfully created an OOH experience that capitalised on street-level marketing and the power of social media, and transformed members of the general public into customers and actual sales at their stores.

“Instagram and the act of selfie-taking are now the latest trends among the younger generation of our customers. As a believer of innovation, GEOX embraces technology-enabled channels through which the brand can reach out to the wider public, which is why, when the creative team at Cre8PLUS pitched us the idea, we were quick to say yes,” said Ada Hung, Head of PR & Marketing at GEOX Asia Pacific Ltd. “Our creative synergy with Cre8PLUS proved to be fruitful and this product launch campaign has opened a new window to future marketing or branding possibilities.”

With the continuous expansion of trans-geographical communities on social media platforms, brands the world over are increasingly eager to have a finger in the pie of social media marketing success. If you, too, are looking to create successful and effective advertising, marketing and branding campaigns, contact us on +852 3975 1488.



Creativity for Business Success: The Hong Kong Experience 

  • By Cre8plus

22 May marked the day when our Regional Director, Samson Tong, shared his insights on the ways mobile, social media and innovation change modern-day consumer behaviour at a seminar on ‘Creativity for Business Success: The Hong Kong Experience’, held at the Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur. 

Attended by 300 Malaysian businesspeople, organised by the Kuala Lumpur office of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and supported by the Malaysia Design Council, the seminar shed light on the creative industries and Hong Kong’s strengths in branding, packaging, retail design and multimedia promotion. Alongside two other high-profile speakers from Hong Kong’s creative industries – Henry Lui, Brand Consultant of Brandworks Ltd, who examined innovative packaging design, and Michael Tsang, co-founder of AGC Design Ltd, who explained how innovative retail design can create competitive advantages – Samson Tong focused his speech on multimedia marketing: “The key is to develop one simple message but equip it with multiple strategies to target different cultural channels effectively.” 

With Hong Kong’s creative force comprising approximately 36,000 creative industry-related companies and over 192,000 professionals that serve as an important economic driver for the city, Samson Tong, at the end of his speech, urged companies to understand their business environments, respond to changes, and create new products and services to keep their business fresh and new, as increasingly, long-term commercial success is based on the ability to manage change and use data effectively. 




  • By Cre8plus


04/22, 2014, Hong Kong – DFS Group (DFS), the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, has launched today the ‘T Galleria ♥ Hong Kong’ campaign, which aims to engage Hong Kong residents by tapping into their emotional connection with Hong Kong. Inspired by DFS’ global Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, T Galleria Hong Kong will be rolling out a range of activities, from an in-store activity where customers get the opportunity to have their unforgettable moments photographed within a mega postcard, to a photo exhibition in collaboration with some of Hong Kong’s most prolific Instagramers, and an Instagram contest open to the public.

By drawing inspiration from the T Galleria Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, which is centred around the postcard, a simple but powerful medium, and the emotions behind the act of sending postcards, T Galleria Hong Kong has created ‘T Galleria ♥ Hong Kong’. The first of its kind by a luxury travel retail brand, the photo exhibition will bring photographic works curated from social media to stores. Comprising photographic works by T Galleria Hong Kong’s employees and three popular Hong Kong-based Instagramers – Priyanka Boghani (@proboghani), Sharon SW Lee (@saladd), and Carmen (@auntiegold) – the exhibition will open the audience’s eyes to a unique perspective of the multiple faces of Hong Kong. Targeting both tourists and locals, this photographic collaboration serves as a reminder of the quintessential beauty of Hong Kong. The exhibition runs from April 26 to May 31 at T Galleria Hong Kong on Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

To further encourage exploration of the beauty of this city that is sometimes forgotten amidst our daily lives, an Instagram photo contest will be held concurrently, where Hong Kong residents will be invited to use their smartphones to capture the parts of the city they would like to recommend to travellers from around the world. Participants who share their snapshots on Instagram and other social media platforms will stand the chance to win HKD5,000 worth of shopping indulgence at any T Galleria Hong Kong locations in Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Tsim Sha Tsui East.

T Galleria by DFS is a landmark in Hong Kong that brings more than 300 of the world’s most-desired brands of beauty and fragrances, watches and jewellery, fashion and accessories, and wine and spirits, housed within a galleria environment, allowing customers to unlock and discover the world of luxury. Centrally located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Tsim Sha Tsui East and Causeway Bay, T Galleria is a lifestyle hub where customers enjoy personal and bespoke services such as concierge, multilingual sales associates and award-winning customer service that extends and enhances the experience of the destination.

There is a reason Hong Kong receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, so join us and snap Hong Kong with love!

– END –



Cre8PLUS Created Innovative Animation for Dialogue Experience’s Brand Launch

  • By Cre8plus

As the creative partner of Dialogue Experience, a flagship social enterprise in Hong Kong and the greater Asian region, Cre8PLUS was entrusted with their branding initiatives, communication strategies, and all-rounded marketing services, including the motion graphic animation project to communicate the social enterprise’s four dimensions – Mutualism, Connection, Sustainability, and Innovation – an unprecedented brand concept designed to connect the community and the commercial corporates. It is with the communicative motion graphic animation that Cre8PLUS has enabled Dialogue Experience’s invitation of the audience on a journey into a new dimension, which leads people to innovate, sustain and connect for the social good and impact for the people of all walks of life, not least through the recognition of and co-evolvement with people of differences.



Cre8PLUS Kick-starts 2014 with Astrid Awards for Magazine Cover Design

  • By Cre8plus

Hong Kong, (8 April 2014) – Following a fruitful year garnering international awards that recognise excellence in advertising and marketing, and editorial and graphic design, Cre8PLUS has kick-started the year 2014 with an honour in Cover Design at the Astrid Awards with our Moutai Magazine.

Held by MerComm, Inc., the world’s only independent awards organisation dedicated to defining the standards of excellence in the communications fields, the Astrid Awards, celebrating its 24th year, heralds the stellar qualities of creativity, and recognises the beauty of the heavens reflected on earth by the beauty of design among the categories of: Advertisements, Annual Reports, Brochures, Calendars, Campaigns, Cover Design, Custom Publications, Employee Publications, Graphic Design, Magazines, Promotion, Self-promotion, Special Projects, Video Design and Websites.

The laudation, as with the acclaim the creative agency has received over the years, is the fruit of dedicated teamwork, constant generation and exchange of creative initiatives, excellence-orientated mindset, dedicated communication with the client, and the leap of faith to introduce novelty while meeting client’s needs. And these values are reflected in our communication, editorial and graphic design effort for the Moutai Magazine – an 80-page bilingual lifestyle quarterly for the national liquor of China, with an enriched content categorised into the five sections of ‘Nature’, ‘People’, ‘Etiquette’, ‘Muse’, and ‘Harmony’, including the history and culture of the Moutai liquor, interviews with renowned influential personalities and wine critics, and the innovative pairing of the liquor with Chinese and western cuisines. The cover design is invariably the combined result of the understanding of the client’s needs and utilisation of outstanding design aesthetics and skills, in order to create a visual that is eye-catching, with a sophisticated sense of elegance to match the brand, and coherence to the magazine’s content.

With custom publishing being one of the major strengths of Cre8PLUS, the creative agency will continue our pursuit of excellence in our other custom publishing works by exceeding clients’ and readers’ expectations through the delivery of an even greater scope of originality, innovation and commitment in escalating the standards of the industry.


About Cre8PLUS
Cre8PLUS is an integrated marketing division of Cre8 (Greater China), a renowned financial printer with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore. It creates ROI-driven branding and marketing strategies, and produces innovative advertising and promotional campaigns that meet clients’ objectives. Visit Cre8PLUS’ website, Facebook page, and Weibo to learn more about the company.



14 hots and nots

  • By Cre8plus

After the series of disappointing innovations of iPhone 5s, Google Glass, Facebook apps, and 3D entertainment technology, yours truly, fed up with the television bureaucracy in Hong Kong, has gone back to basics to seek from the far ends of the world what really is innovative. Here are some of my insights and predictions on how things will evolve around us in 2014.

1. #Advertising# Microfilm is out and obsolete. Documentary video based on true story shall help to expand exposure for your brand.

2. #Marketing# Green (Monday) is out, sustainability is the new black. It is simply the way how your brand shows support and gives back to the community sustainably.

3. #Social Media# Facebook and Weibo are out. 2014 is going to be the world for image-based social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Register your accounts now before you have to bid for it.

4. #Instant Messenger# WhatsApp is out. WeChat is yet to be well utilised by advertisers even though she has more than 2.7 billion users from over 200 countries. Let’s wait and see.

5. #Mobile# Motion sensor is history. Motion control could be the next new iPhone feature (it might not be called an iPhone in 2014 anymore, mind) as the company has just bought a new toy called Kinect 3D Sensor Maker PrimeSense today.*

6. #SEO# Keyboard search might vanish ultimately in years. Voice-over-based search will take the lead in 2014, especially in mobile-based searching experience.

7. #Tech# Fingerprint identity sensor is far more than just an access recognition tool. It will be the key to bring biometrics to the mainstream consumer market, especially in terms of personal medical data storage.

8. #Innovation# Groupon-type e-Commence platforms are bygone. Try exploring user-driven experimental online shopping platforms instead.

9. #Printing# Recycled paper is out. On-demand printing will help promote carbon-free result to meet future printing demand.

10. #Entertainment# We’ve had enough of meaningless reality music contests. Family-orientated reality shows are needed to build strong family relationship in our community. Plus, as the public has spoken, we need a few more free TV channels.

11. #Music# K-pop has done her time in Hong Kong, and I speak as a fan. Local singer-songwriters and individual bands are coming back in 2014. Get your brand to associate with these talents to better penetrate into the 80s and 90s market.

12. #Fashion# Lady Gaga and her likes are out. Unfussy and nature-inspired fashion trends will continue to blossom in 2014.

13. #Food# Ladurée’s macaron fad has come and gone the first day it opened in Hong Kong this summer. Food outlets that celebrate food conservation and home cooking inspired by fresh and natural food are the future of our everyday dining experience.

14. #Going Out# Biking is 2013. Camping is 2014.

Keep life simple. Love and peace.

Samson Tong
Regional Director